Acquirell сloud service to prepare and distribute business proposals and respond to RFPs

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Create offer easily and quickly using our cloud service

Create proposals fast and easy with Acquirell

Acquirell is a cloud solution for enhanced creation of proposals. Acquirell provides everything you need to respond to RFPs of any complexity in minutes.

Acqurell. All the necessary information is readily available

Have all information at your fingertips

Don’t waste your time looking for information in e-mail archives, instant messengers, spreadsheets, text processors, etc. You can easily obtain all the necessary information, automatically collected, from a single place.

Acquirell - an intelligent system to automate the preparation of the proposals

Allow it to do routine work for you

Don’t repeat the same work again and again for every new RFP. Our intelligent system fills out the proper information for each RFP question using a preapproved answer repository and previous proposals. Just review the result and answer new questions. Have your work done only once and Acquirell will do the rest.

Acquirell is software solution for creating online proposals

Work together on proposals

Don’t wait for other team members to combine all parts of the proposal together. Work simultaneously and see the progress of the entire RFP answering process. Collaborate during proposal creation to make teamwork as efficient as possible.

Keeping track of all the important user actions with the respect to your proposal

Keep track of what and when each invitee is doing with your proposal

You can see all important actions of each invitee regarding your proposal. Acquirell tracks reading of you invitation, opening of the proposal, it's acceptance or rejection.