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Acquirell provides all the necessary tools for creating RFPs

Benefit from complete automation of RFP from creation to collecting and analyzing proposals

Work on RFP consists of many stages and requires the participation of various professionals at every stage. Acquirell streamlines the process, providing all the necessary tools to everyone involved.

Create all necessary for effective teamwork tasks using a cloud solution

Work as a team

Acquirell automatically creates the necessary tasks for all team members and provides means of advanced control over their execution. Teamwork is an important part of the solution.

Manage resources when preparing RFPs

Manage resources when preparing RFP

Don't miss deadlines to issue RFPs or collect and score proposals. Acquirell will notify your users about all uncompleted tasks and upcoming events.

Rapid detection of the problems at any stage of the RFP preparation

Monitor the current status of the RFP at a glance

A convenient set of key progress indicators allows you to assess progress and identify problems at each stage of the RFP at a glance.

Create RFPs of any structure using the cloud service

Control RFP structure

Create sections and subsections in order to save time when scoring incoming proposals. Structured proposals can be quickly evaluated and compared.

Reduce the cost of developing and processing RFP

Reduce the cost of developing and processing RFP

Reduce the cost of the RFP creation by reducing the time required for development and assembly of RFP by different team members. Benefit from automated RFP delivery and the collection of proposals.

Automation of the RFPs is designed considering the use of mobile devices

Take advantage of modern devices and technologies

An easy to use web interface reduces training time and allows your users to work anywhere, even on mobile devices.

Work effectively with suppliers in the process of creating an RFP

Work with vendors easily

Reduce the cost of distributing RFPs to vendors. Acquirell sends all invitations with a single click when you decide to publish a new approved event. Receive more accurate proposals in less time. Use Acquirell’s advanced collaboration tools to ask and answer suppliers' questions.

User-friendly interface for the evaluation of the proposals

Use tools for evaluating proposals and to automatically generate a competitive list

Acquirell provides a user-friendly interface for scorers to compare and evaluate proposals. Those preparing RFP can analyze the scores of responses to each question and choose the offer that best corresponds to their needs.

Save time and money by using our cloud solution

Start working today

Save time and money when installing new systems for your IT department. Just register and start working today. Reduce system and infrastructure maintenance costs. Let the system and RFP respondents handle most of the work. Minimize your outlay of time and money.