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eSourcing: Getting Best Prices from Best Suppliers

A successful purchase is when the approved requirement meets the supplier with the best offer. The process of assembling, systematizing, and approving requirements is automated and facilitated with the help of the Requisitions tools. Acquirell uses the Best eSourcing Tools for procurement to search for and select suppliers and automate processes. In Acquirell eSourcing services, you can use seven standard procurement methods: from the simplest ones, with RFIs (Request for Information) sent to all suppliers, to auctions, ensuring a comprehensive approach to spend management.

What Is eSourcing ?

eSourcing refers to the process of using electronic technology to manage and streamline sourcing activities. This can include everything from identifying potential suppliers and managing requests for proposals to negotiating contracts and making purchases. eSourcing platforms and software tools allow businesses to efficiently and effectively manage their sourcing processes by centralizing information, automating tasks, and providing greater visibility into the entire sourcing contract lifecycle. By utilizing eSourcing, organizations can collaborate with suppliers more easily, reduce sourcing cycle times, and ultimately achieve cost savings. eSourcing also allows for better data analysis and improved decision-making, as it provides access to a wealth of information and insights.

How Does eSourcing Work?

eSourcing works by allowing businesses to connect with suppliers and conduct procurement activities online. It involves the use of electronic tools and platforms to manage the sourcing process, including supplier selection, negotiation, and contract management. The eSourcing process typically begins with the creation of a RFx (RFQ, RFP, RFI, Auctions), which is then distributed to potential suppliers through the eSourcing platform. Suppliers can then submit their bids or proposals electronically, and the buyer can review and compare them easily. eSourcing streamlines the entire procurement process, making it more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective for both buyers and suppliers. It also provides valuable data and insights for procurement professionals.

Your Sourcing Process: eSourcing and eProcurement

E-Sourcing and E-Procurement are two powerful tools that can revolutionize your supply chain management. With E-Sourcing, you can digitally manage your sourcing activities, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and cost savings. On the other hand, E-Procurement enables you to automate your procurement processes, streamlining purchasing, reducing errors, and driving compliance. By leveraging these technologies, you can take your business to the next level, empowering your procurement team to make smarter decisions and achieve better outcomes. Embrace the digital transformation and unlock the potential of E-Sourcing and E-Procurement to drive innovation, optimize your supply chain, and propel your business forward.

The 7 Powerful Benefits of Choosing & Using Superior eSourcing Software

  1. Optimized Supplier Selection: Procurement software streamlines the process of finding and selecting the best suppliers, ensuring you get top-quality partners for your procurement needs.
  2. Automated Procurement Processes: With eSourcing tools, the entire process, from requisition to approval, is automated, saving time and reducing errors.
  3. Enhanced Procurement Methods: The software solutions offers a range of procurement methods, from simple RFQs to complex auctions, providing flexibility and efficiency in sourcing.
  4. Comprehensive Supplier Analysis: eSourcing software allows for detailed analysis of vendors and sourcing events, helping you make informed decisions based on a variety of criteria.
  5. Accreditation Tools for Supplier Evaluation: The Sourcing software includes tools for accrediting suppliers, ensuring that only qualified and reliable vendors are engaged.
  6. Customizable Questionnaires for Supplier Information: You can design detailed questionnaires to gather standardized information about potential suppliers, aiding in better selection.
  7. Strategic Sourcing Event Management: eSourcing software enables the creation of complex, multi-stage sourcing events, allowing for more strategic and effective procurement.

Acquirell eSourcing Software Features

The actions of suppliers and sourcing execs are documented automatically, and the procurement history is saved. It allows you to:

  • Search and analyze held and ongoing sourcing events — you get information about current purchases in a convenient tabular form and can sort their list by any important criterion, from the best price offer to the procurement method.
  • Analyze individual sourcing events — go to the sourcing event card to get information on the procurement process, actors, and evaluation criteria.
  • Maintain successful procurement practices — if a sourcing event has brought savings and identified suppliers willing to reduce the price and deliver quality goods and services, it can be used in procurement under similar circumstances.

By combining different procurement methods, you can create complex, multi-stage sourcing events, for example, prequalify suppliers who will participate in the sourcing event, identify the best among them according to given criteria, invite them to a tender, and hold pricing resubmission with the two best bidders. Use Accreditation tools to evaluate potential vendors and engage only the best ones.


Accreditation includes a set of activities to evaluate a supplier. This procedure verifies the qualifications of a supplier, their ability to deliver goods or services, and compliance with other ESG criteria or parameters. By holding accreditations, you can easily create lists of potential suppliers to procure from for an entire product and service category or a specific product.

The main Accreditation tool is a questionnaire based on defined Evaluation criteria. There can be dozens of these criteria — price, delivery speed, willingness to offer deferred payment or payment by installment, and promptness in processing requisitions from the buyer. And they all become the details of the ideal supplier portrait: a product, a product group, or a service.

You can use the questionnaire design tool to organize information on potential suppliers and bidders for important tenders by template. It allows you to set the types of questions, required documents, and other important information about the supplier and get the data structured and standardized.

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