Frequently Asked Questions


The system supports the following processes: assembling requirements, creating purchase requisitions and purchase orders, controlling purchase budget, e-sourcing, signing and managing contracts, managing the supplier database, and spend analytics.

Acquirell has tools for importing supplier lists, both through integration with external systems and importing in XML format using Excel files.

Acquirell supports multi-criteria supplier selection. Users can create their criteria or use those already configured in the system. In addition, procurement specialists can independently set the importance of a particular criterion (criterion weight), which will determine the automatic calculation of the award selection in the sourcing event.

Acquirell has tools for importing classifiers, both through integration with external systems and importing in XML format using Excel files.

All information about the supplier’s activity in the system, including:

  • any contracts signed with the supplier and their current status;
  • any contractual violations; and
  • any bids placed by the supplier in e-sourcing, any sourcing events they participated in, and any awards.

The following information is available additionally:

  • performance assessment for the previous time frames;
  • company information; the history of data changes in the profile;
  • accreditations passed as a supplier; and
  • the users who represent the company in the system.

See the rate plan comparison page.

Your company account will be switched to the Free Plan.

We reserve the right to delete data after 6 months from the last user activity.

Acquirell is an enterprise system, not a public e-marketplace. Each customer works with their suppliers. You can register as a supplier only by invitation from the customer.

As part of a particular sourcing event, each supplier can send questions to the sourcing event owner. To do this, click the relevant button on the sourcing event page.

Acquirell provides a single workspace for suppliers. Therefore, you only need to register once.

Yes, you can. But you need to get an invitation from each customer and register several times using separate logins for each invitation.