Notes & Thoughts

May 04, 2023

SaaS E-Sourcing Tools: the main concerns of moving your sourcing to the cloud-based solution

Running the sourcing activities and storing the purchasing data in the cloud-based solution has certain risks. No solution (whether it is SaaS or On-Premise) can

April 25, 2023

SaaS E-Sourcing Tools: is it safe to move the sourcing activities to the cloud-based solution?

Supplier and purchasing data are considered confidential information in the vast majority of companies. Sometimes “security concern” misconceptions force managers to postpone or even forget

April 03, 2023

E-Sourcing Services for Consultants

Today’s sourcing and procurement consultants often have to use their clients’ IT solutions. These solutions can be cumbersome, unfamiliar or simply lacking in functionality –

January 26, 2023

E-Sourcing Services: obtain the best possible prices from your suppliers

Electronic Sourcing (E-Souring) Services is the process of digitizing the company’s sourcing activities by implementing a SaaS (Software as a Service) E-Sourcing platform. SaaS E-Sourcing