Solution for Large Companies

Acquirell is a simple, integrated solution targeted specifically at procurement business processes. Free your accounting or ERP system from unusual functions. To convert procurement processes from an expense item into a strategic resource for gaining the competitive edge, you need to provide them with specialized tools. At the same time, the Acquirell procurement system easily fits into the corporate infrastructure: it seamlessly integrates with other systems and ensures security and preservation of information about your business processes.

Main Tools for Conducting and Managing Procurement in Acquirell

Pre-configured and Customizable Competitive Sourcing Events

Acquirell provides a variety of highly customizable auctions and tenders for selecting bids from suppliers strategically.

To use advanced competitive sourcing events on a regular basis, you need a convenient tool that allows you to do it quickly and with minimal effort. Let your sourcing execs spend their time developing strategic relationships with suppliers rather than repeatedly piecing together disparate information or routinely processing POs.

Special Solutions for Contract Management

Procurement contracts should not only be revised in time to get the best terms, but from scanned images, they should also turn into a data source for assessing the effectiveness of vendors, a tool of operational control over the fulfillment of all obligations by suppliers.

Single Supplier Database

It is not just a collection of suppliers’ addresses and phone numbers. It is the central hub of all information about the company’s interactions with suppliers: all contracts, POs, participation in all tenders, responses to all RFIs, and every bid in every auction and opt-out, as well as the opinion of all internal company departments about the supplier’s performance. It can be used to create an integrated rating to be taken into account when making decisions. A complete picture that is available instantly.

Supplier Portal

The convenience of working with the system is also important for suppliers. After all, it’s their participation that determines whether you can get the most out of the system. That’s why Acquirell offers a single workspace for suppliers. This workspace contains all aspects of the interaction between the supplier and the customer: contracts, POs, invitations to competitive sourcing events, and a convenient auction room that allows participating in several online auctions at once (a rare but possible scenario when interacting with a large company).

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