Non-profit and Public

Solution for NPOs and NGOs

NPOs and NGOs have a few essential procurement requirements:

  • Non-profit organizations can’t afford to buy things at exorbitant prices. They do their best to devote their maximum resources to their statutory purposes and use them most efficiently. That’s why competitive sourcing events are so widespread in the non-profit
  • They have to reduce the cost of their maintenance and operations (largely for the same reasons). It means they have to choose freely distributed software or software offered on special terms.
  • They focus on transparency and accountability of their activities, as usually, several shareholders control the spending of funds and the organization’s activities as a whole. To keep these stakeholders well informed, transactions must be carefully documented, especially those related to procurement. Automated solutions are needed to ensure that the documentation activity doesn’t become an unnecessary waste of time and effort.

Acquirell takes into account the peculiarities of procurement by NPOs and NGOs. The system implements:

  • Sourcing events based on a variety of competitive bidding techniques for all possible tasks, including not only for procurement but also for sale
  • Automated documentation of everything that happens in the system: who made a particular decision and when
  • Tightly integrated contract management (with both suppliers and customers — no need for any additional system)
  • Centralized assembling of requirements; direct orders to selected suppliers

The simple and user-friendly interface is easy to work with, whether you are a doctor, a teacher, or a volunteer. In addition, the cloud solution doesn’t require installation and support of any software locally.

If you are an NPO or NGO, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we’ll provide you with preferential, fair, and open conditions for using Acquirell.

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