Category: Procurement

September 20, 2023

E-Procurement Tools for SMBs: eliminate manual workflow and increase efficiency

Today E-Pocurement tools enhance collaboration between stakeholders involved in the procurement process. By providing a centralized platform, these tools facilitate communication and information sharing between

July 14, 2023

E-Procurement solution: how the company’s own solution eliminates manual workflow issues for SMBs

Implementation of an E-Procurement solution helps to eliminate the issues related to the manual execution of procurement activities and brings the waste of time to

June 26, 2023

E-Procurement Platform: get rid of errors in purchasing and enhance transparency

Nowadays, one of the key aims of businesses in terms of procurement digitization is enhancing the transparency of procurement activities. This article elaborates on the

April 03, 2023

E-Sourcing Services for Consultants

Today’s sourcing and procurement consultants often have to use their clients’ IT solutions. These solutions can be cumbersome, unfamiliar or simply lacking in functionality –