Use simple tools to assemble and approve requirements and plan your purchases, along with informative dashboards to control procurement, quickly get what you need for your business, and save money:
  • Assemble your business needs for goods and services online
  • Create requisitions from dozens of requirements for quick purchases
  • Keep track of budgeting and spending
  • Consolidate requirements to save time and money on procurement
The alignment of goods or services with your business needs, along with timely delivery and cost, are the cornerstones of a successful procurement…


E-Procurement is a tool that helps you strategically address requirements and prepare for procurement. Depending on the quantity and product list, the time frame during which the business needs goods and services, and the localization of requirements, you can combine requisitions from departments and employees, plan purchases and expenses, and create POs for urgent purchases. As a result, you maintain control over spending. E-Procurement features in Acquirell include:
  • Procurement planning — for any time frame, as it is convenient for sourcing execs and is more familiar and comfortable for cost estimation and budgeting.
  • Create purchase orders — quickly approve POs and send them to suppliers who are registered with Acquirell, save time, provide your business with goods and services without delay, and maintain control even over urgent purchases.


Selecting how a product or service is procured is critical if a business needs timely deliveries at a competitive price and assurances that the product or service will meet specifications. E-Sourcing in Acquirell Procurement Management System automates the work of the procurement department and helps save employee time and procurement budget:
  • Use a variety of procurement tools
  • Flexibly adjust the criteria for evaluating offers from suppliers
  • Invite only suppliers you are confident in to sourcing events

Contract Lifecycle Management

Monitoring the fulfillment of contractual obligations is no less challenging than managing a dozen purchases at once. However, as in the case of procurement tools, Acquirell partially automates and streamlines working with contracts: from signing to archiving. At the same time, any information about the contract, the fulfillment of obligations, and the contractor is available with just a couple of clicks. With Contract Lifecycle Management, you can:
  • Create contracts — automatically, based on sourcing events’ data, or manually — and copy standard contracts
  • Build contract approval routes
  • Automate contract management — get early notifications of important contract events and violations of contract terms
  • Control the contract lifecycle at all stages: from approval to analytics and archiving.

Supplier Relationship Management

SRM tools in Acquirell allow you to control your interaction with suppliers fully and increase and update the contractor database. They make onboarding as easy as possible during sourcing and importing business contacts into the system and checking for compliance with the company’s requirements for the quality of goods and services, experience, and business principles — with regular and new suppliers.
  • Easily engage suppliers with Acquirell tools: invitations, easy registration, intuitive interface, single supplier workspace.
  • Maintain a contractor database to keep as much information about them as possible.
  • Manage the relationship with each supplier based on attestation information, fulfilled contractual obligations, and violations obtained from the database.
  • Make management decisions about working with a contractor, and set the validity of each supplier’s accreditation.

Procurement Analytics

The system’s analytical tools are designed to assess the effectiveness of procurement processes. The assessment results are presented as a consolidated dashboard and dozens of reports that visualize key procurement data. Reports on each KPI — from budget savings to the percentage of unplanned purchase orders — are generated in an intuitive format. It means that important indicators can be assessed by a quick glance at the dashboard. Data from the system is integrated, just as your procurement process. Analyze the data to quickly come to important conclusions thanks to visualization and selection of the right indicators. The data is updated continuously, which is why the reports always contain the most accurate indicators that characterize the success and efficiency of procurement.

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