Solution for SMB Segment

Small and medium-sized businesses are the primary beneficiaries of the Acquirell Corporate Procurement Management solution. The system provides many opportunities to improve procurement, which are not yet used by SMBs.

Here are some of the key issues in SMB procurement that Acquirell developers focused on:

  • The company’s sourcing execs use Word, Excel, and email as their main tools.
  • Purchase requisitions are not centralized, with each department meeting its needs independently.
  • The list of suppliers hasn’t been updated in years; there is no centralized supplier database and no regular performance assessment.
  • Competitive strategic sourcing events (strategic selection of suppliers) are not applied.
  • There is no operational control over budgets.
  • A sourcing exec’s going on vacation leads to chaos.

If any of this sounds familiar to you, then your company should take a closer look at Acquirell — simply because you lose your competitive edge, especially compared to large companies. Acquirell’s procurement toolkit allows you to:

  • Earn additional profits by reducing costs using RFx, e-auctions, and leveraging supplier relationships to improve performance
  • Develop real strategic relations with the qualified suppliers, and simplify communications and negotiations with suppliers
  • Ensure compliance through contract lifecycle management
  • Reduce rework and errors with a fully integrated procurement system
  • Improve procurement staff efficiency by automating order processing
  • Improve spending controls with standardized approval processes

Seize the advantage like big companies do. Acquirell combines best practices for transforming business processes — you get tools that were previously only available to large businesses.

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