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Electronic Sourcing or eSourcing Solutions and Services is the process of digitizing the company’s sourcing activities by implementing a SaaS (Software as a Service) E-Sourcing platform. SaaS E-Sourcing platforms deliver an easily accessible personal workspace that enables the managers to handle various sourcing activities (RFx events, Reverse Auctions, Supplier Accreditations, etc.) through their web portal. To use the service, you need only Internet access and a browser.

The E-Sourcing Solution Service provider handles all the technical aspects, such as maintaining the platform, ensuring trouble-proof operations, developing new features, and operating the hosting. 

As a result, users won’t have to rely on their in-house IT expertise to create a platform. Instead, they will run all sourcing activities through a web-based eSourcing Solution.


Why E-Sourcing Services?

implementation of the SaaS E-Sourcing Solution

They enable companies to move their sourcing processes from such ‘traditional’ tools as emails or messengers, Excel or Word files, and paper sheets to an innovative way of conducting all sourcing activities in a centralized web-based platform. ESourcing Solutions help the sourcing team to minimize errors by eliminating manual workflow and attaining the best outcome from strategic sourcing activities by obtaining the best prices from suppliers in a single system.


For SMBs

E-Sourcing Services used to be available for large enterprises. Now they are widely used by small and midsize businesses (SMBs). Implementing Software as a Service E Sourcing Solution enables small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance their sourcing outcome. In addition, most SMBs have extremely limited time and financial resources. Therefore, wasting their resources on conducting sourcing activities manually is an inexcusable mistake since the resources could be allocated to much more important tasks. As a result, the price, usability, and cost of implementing such a SaaS solution are an enormous benefit for them.

Utiliing the SaaS E-Sourcing Service

Utilizing a convenient platform would enable companies to obtain the supply of goods or services for a given quality at the best possible price. Also, your managers’ time can be directed to completing more strategic tasks instead of executing the sourcing activities manually.

Acquirell provides the best E-Sourcing Services by delivering to the companies a customized SaaS E-Sourcing platform that facilitates reduced costs, better communication, and a more efficient process. The service can be quickly adjusted to deliver a solution that matches your unique business requirements.

Utilize special sourcing events: from RFQs sent to suppliers to complex multi-stage auctions, and get the best proposals from your suppliers. Set the algorithms in the way you need. Be sure to get the best prices.

Implement Acquirell for your business processes and enjoy savings!

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