E-Sourcing Software: Moving your sourcing from Excel and Word to eliminate errors

Moving sourcing from Excel and Word to software can greatly streamline your workflow and improve your productivity. With Excel and Word, you may find that you are spending a lot of time manually entering data and formatting documents. This can be time-consuming and error-prone, and can also be difficult to collaborate with others who are working on the same project.

Eliminating manual workflow with E-Sourcing Software

By moving sourcing activities to software, you can automate processes of purchasing and save time and effort. For example, sourcing solutions allow you to import data directly from spreadsheets, eliminating the need for manual data entry. You can also create templates and automate formatting, making it easier to create consistent, professional-looking documents.

In addition to saving time and effort, moving to E-Sourcing software can also improve accuracy and reduce errors. With Excel and Word, it is easier to make mistakes when copying and pasting data or formatting documents.

Executing Sourcing activity (namely RFP) in Excel file

With E-Sourcing software, you can set up rules and validations to ensure that data is entered correctly and that documents are formatted consistently whether it is sourcing event documentation or initiated contracts. This can help to reduce errors and improve the quality of your work.

Running RFPs (Request for Proposals) in E-Sourcing software will also significantly save time and improve efficiency. Automating the process allows for quick sending and receiving of requests as well as supplier comparisons. This eliminates the need for manual data entry, reduces errors, and makes proposal evaluation. Overall, using software for conducting RFPs instead of sending Excel and Word files via email can greatly streamline workflows and boost productivity.

Communication in E-Sourcing Software

Another advantage of using E-Sourcing software is that it can help to improve collaboration and communication. With Excel and Word, it can be difficult to keep track of changes made by different team members, and it can be challenging to share documents and data. However, with software, you can easily share data and collaborate with others in real-time mode.

Execution of RFP event through E-Sourcing software

When running RFP events, communication is key. In Acquirell the users can use the built-in communication tools to collaborate with all team members and suppliers and keep everyone on the same page throughout the RFP process.

Starting instant RFP event in E-Sourcing Software

Acquirell enables running instant RFP which saves valuable time and effort. By automating the RFP process, managers can quickly send out requests, review proposals, and compare suppliers, all in one place. Set up workflows and notifications to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that work is completed on time.

Overall, moving sourcing from Excel and Word to Acquirell can be a great way to improve a company’s workflow and productivity. By automating many of the manual processes associated with sourcing, businesses can save time and effort, improve accuracy, and make it easier to collaborate with others.

Implement Acquirell to your business processes and get the most from utilizing a reliable E-Sourcing Software!

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