Moving Purchase Order processing from Excel to a reliable software

Moving purchase order processing from Excel to software can bring numerous benefits and streamline the entire procurement process. Excel spreadsheets have long been used to manage purchase orders, but they come with limitations that can hinder efficiency and accuracy. By transitioning to specialized purchase order software, businesses can unlock a range of advantages that can greatly enhance their procurement operations.

Eliminating the manual workflow errors

One of the key advantages of using purchase order software is increased efficiency. Manual data entry and calculations in Excel can be time-consuming and prone to errors. With software, purchase orders can be created, processed, and tracked, saving valuable time and reducing the risk of mistakes. This allows procurement teams to focus on more strategic tasks and improve overall productivity.

Example of executing the purchase order in Excel file

Improved accuracy is another significant benefit of using specialized software. Excel spreadsheets are vulnerable to human errors, such as incorrect formulas, misplaced data, or accidental deletions. PO processing solutions offer built-in validation checks, ensuring that all information is accurate and complete. This reduces the chances of costly mistakes and improves the reliability of the procurement process.

Cost savings and time efficiency

Cost savings are another compelling reason to move to purchase order software. Purchase order processing solutions often offer flexible pricing options, such as monthly or annual subscriptions. Additionally, software can help identify cost-saving opportunities by analyzing historical data, negotiating better deals with suppliers, and reducing the risk of over-ordering or duplicate orders.

Approving purchase order by a controller in a software

Enhanced visibility is also a huge advantage of transitioning from Excel to software. In Excel, it can be challenging to track and monitor the status of purchase orders. Purchase order software provides a centralized platform where all stakeholders can easily access and review purchase order details, including order status, delivery dates, and supplier information. This increased visibility enables better collaboration, decision-making, and proactive management of the procurement process.

Simplified auditing is yet another advantage of using purchase order software. In Excel, auditing purchase orders can be time-consuming and complex. With software, all order-related information, such as interconnected line items, requisitions, and even related contracts is stored digitally and can be easily accessed and audited as needed. This simplifies compliance and audit processes, reducing the risk of non-compliance and ensuring transparency in procurement operations.


Lastly, transitioning to purchase order software opens up integration potential. Software solutions can be integrated with other business systems, such as accounting software, creating a seamless flow of information across different departments.

Integration of Purchase Order Software with QuickBooks accounting system

For example, Acquirell purchase module can be integrated with QuickBooks This integration eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures data consistency, reducing the chances of errors and improving overall operational efficiency.

Therefore, moving purchase order processing from Excel to Acquirell offers a range of benefits: from instant PO creation to monitoring the execution. Increased efficiency, improved accuracy, enhanced visibility, cost savings, simplified auditing, and integration potential are just a few advantages that can transform the procurement process, making it more streamlined and effective. Embracing software solutions can help businesses optimize their procurement operations and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Book a demo to explore more features and discover how Purchase Orders can be managed in Acquirell.

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