SaaS E-Sourcing Tools: the main concerns of moving your sourcing to the cloud-based solution

Running the sourcing activities and storing the purchasing data in the cloud-based solution has certain risks. No solution (whether it is SaaS or On-Premise) can guarantee 100% error-free operations, just like any bank cannot guarantee the absolute safety of transactions and 24/7 trouble-proof service. But this does not force the businesses to operate only in cash.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a SaaS E-Sourcing tool:

  • Since no solution vendors (whether it is SaaS or On-Premise) deliver 100% error-free service there may exist a possibility of service slowdown or temporary service unavailability due to maintenance
  • Sometimes the standard set of features and default terms of the service may not satisfy the client. In order to change and adjust them the customer may have to go through customization (if customization is available)
  • Clarify what will provider do with the client’s data if the client stops paying for the tool


How to bring the risks to the minimum while running the sourcing activities in the cloud-based solution

In order to bring the risks to the minimum while utilizing the SaaS E-Sourcing Tool examine the contract carefully before signing it with the vendor. Clarify all details. The contract should elaborate on the following:

  • How the client can use the service and what are the limitations 
  • The scope of the vendor’s responsibility for data security and violations of the CSA terms
  • Fees (including hidden fees), the ways to prolong the use of the solution, and available payment methods
  • Available options to customize the sourcing solution (if any)
  • The degree to which the vendor can change the functionality and configurations of the solution 
  • Support service regulations and the frequency of maintenance work
E-Sourcing Tool Evaluation checklist

A mandatory field is having the option to import data to your own servers. It should be stated at least in an additional agreement or SLA (if it is not stated in the contract).

An agreement that clearly states the liability of the vendor will protect your data legally. Check the privacy policy and terms of service before reviewing the SLA because they describe the provider’s capabilities to protect the cloud.

For example, the Acquirell Inc. team has placed a Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for using Acquirell, an all-in-one SaaS procurement automation software on the website. The Privacy Policy elaborates on data collection practices, while the Terms of Service cover all aspects of utilizing Acquirell, starting from usage restrictions, and ending with the Acquirell team’s responsibility for the protection of confidential information as a vendor.

purchasing manager enjoys implementation of e-sourcing tool

Acquirell provides a SaaS E-Sourcing tool that facilitates cost reduction, enhanced communication, and more efficient business processes. The tool can be adjusted to a solution that suits your unique business needs. Run special sourcing events: whether these are RFQs sent to all suppliers or complex multi-stage auctions. Be sure to obtain the best proposals from suppliers. Configure the algorithms the way you want. Get the best prices.

Implement Acquirell for your business processes and enjoy utilizing a reliable SaaS E-Sourcing Tool!

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