E-Sourcing Services for Consultants

Today’s sourcing and procurement consultants often have to use their clients’ IT solutions. These solutions can be cumbersome, unfamiliar or simply lacking in functionality – an external consultant simply doesn’t have the time to learn one software before moving on to another. This is not just a convenience issue. It directly affects the consultant’s performance.

The consultant’s work would be much easier and more effective if there was always a tool at hand to demonstrate the proposed developments to the client. The SaaS platform is a great option to be such a tool. SaaS solutions are already helping companies to get rid of manual work in procurement and sourcing activities and they cost several times cheaper than on-premises solutions. Such solutions require only a smartphone or laptop and Internet access to work. When it comes to meeting with a client – everything you need to present your developments and proposals to the client is in your device. 

consultant after obtaining a convenient e-sourcing tool

Electronic Sourcing (E-Sourcing) Services is the implementation of a SaaS (Software as a Service) E-Sourcing solution into the day-to-day operations to digitize the sourcing services provided by consultants. The SaaS e-Sourcing solution provides consultants with an easily accessible workspace that allows them to perform various sourcing events (e.g. RFx, Reverse Auctions, Supplier Accreditations, Dutch Reverse Auctions, etc.) through their own web portal. To use such a solution, all the consultant needs is Internet access and a browser.

As a result, consultants don’t have to rely on unfamiliar IT solutions provided by clients or invest significant resources in hiring a team of developers to create their own e-Sourcing platform. Instead, they simply perform all sourcing and procurement services through a SaaS e-sourcing solution.

E-sourcing service provider has delivered a tool to a consultant

Acquirell offers consultants its own SaaS E-Sourcing solution. The solution can be customized in the way the consultant needs, populated with default templates and algorithms, and implemented according to the unique customer service methodology. It is possible to implement the solution into daily operations, transforming the service into an integrated end-to-end offering. Within the framework of customization, it can be branded according to your requirements, and you can use it under your own name (white label).

Implement Acquirell for your end-to-end offering and enjoy the increase in your performance!

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